• What is Mesa?

    La Mesa is a Spanish word for table. It suggests a way of coming together in mutual acceptance, respect, and service. It reminds us of the life and message of Jesus - who used a table to tell the story of God's welcoming and reconciling love.

  • Our mission

    To embody and articulate what we perceive to be an emerging ethos amongst diverse groups of followers of Jesus, and to help that ethos be expressed as a global spiritual movement.

  • When's it happening?

    Beginning in 2013 with a gathering in Thailand 24 to 31 October, Mesa will be completed in 2017 with a final gathering. Regional gatherings and local conversations will happen in between these dates.

  • How can I get involved?

    Sign up on our website to receive information and connect with others. Participate in our global online survey. And bring people together around a table where you live!

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Change Makers, 11 and 12 April 2014

In partnership with MESA, Oasis UK will be hosting a two-day conference for church leaders, community builders and social entrepeneurs.

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Restoring Confidence in the Bible

In this article, Steve Chalke calls on the world-wide church to have an open and honest dialogue about how we should understand the bible and apply it to the new challenges that face each generation.

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The first gathering occurred in Thailand, 24-31 October 2013

About fifty of us traveled from around the world to share in Mesa (the Spanish word for table), a space of conversation, companionship, and nourishment for life, work, and action.

Read the Mesa Pattaya statement (PDF)

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How it's developing

Several parallel conversations, networks, and movements have been emerging among committed Christians over the last century, based on a holistic understanding of Jesus' core message. In recent years, these groups have begun connecting with one another more and more. These movements are characterized by ...

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Who is associated with Mesa

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Who is associated with Mesa?

  • Adam Walker Cleaveland
  • Amanda Jackson
  • Andrew Collins
  • Andrew Jones
  • Ann Corrin
  • Ash Barker
  • Bob Jones
  • Brian McLaren
  • Rev Cameron Trimble
  • Carolyn Kitto
  • Claude Nikondeha
  • Dave Andrews
  • Rev David Baker
  • David Westlake
  • Dee Yaccino
  • Doug Pagitt
  • Frederick Buechner
  • Fuzz Kitto
  • Giles Parker
  • Jane Colao Spell
  • John Baxter Brown
  • Kelley Johnson Nikondeha
  • Mark Pierson
  • Mark Russell
  • Mike Todd
  • Paul Turner
  • Pete Brierley
  • Peter Eckermann
  • Phyllis Tickle
  • Ralph Reilly
  • Richard Gray
  • Rosalee Velloso Ewell
  • Sean Callaghan
  • Sean Daly
  • Sivin Kit
  • Soo Choo Lee
  • Steve Chalke
  • Steve Hollinghurst
  • Steve Noolan
  • Steve Knight
  • Tim Hartman
  • Tom Yaccino
  • Tony Jones
  • Yvonne Richmond-Tulloch

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